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Involve your Business
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Stronger Together: Involve your business

Involve your business: Whatcom Land Trust relies on the wonderful community in Whatcom County to help us achieve our goals of preserving and protecting wildlife habitat, open spaces, and working farms and forests in the county. Business partners play a critical role in achieving our Mission. By partnering with the Land Trust local businesses fulfill a very basic need, finding and keeping great employees. People come to Whatcom County because it is a special place, and Whatcom Land Trust helps to preserve and foster that quality of life. By donating to and working with the Land Trust businesses are investing in their employees. 

There are a variety of ways that local businesses can help the Land Trust. In fall of 2018 the Land Trust partnered with Alcoa Intalco on an ambitious project, planting 700 trees on Whatcom Land Trust’s Kelsey property. Over the course of three work parties together the Land Trust and Alcoa exceeded that goal, planting 900 trees across 1.2 acres on Kelsey. This endeavor involved 124 volunteers, including employees form Alcoa, and almost 500 volunteer hours in total. 

Another local business, Kelley Insurance, stepped up to the plate as well. They raised money to purchase 150 plants to for the property, which employees and their families helped to plant. Both of these businesses contributed to the Land Trust in different, but equally valuable ways. This goes to show how powerful partnerships with local businesses can be, and how much we can achieve together.  

The business community here in Whatcom County recognizes that environmental stewardship is good business and great for our County. By donating money, services, or even just time, business partners can make a huge difference in Whatcom Land Trust’s mission- protecting what makes our County an amazing place to live, work and play. Regardless of size or budget the Land Trust values the contributions our business partners make.

In their own words: Watch this short video to learn why Pacific Surveying & Engineering and Julie Carpenter/REMAX Whatcom County choose to be Business Partners:

For more information on becoming a Business Partner with Whatcom Land Trust:
Contact Jennifer Stephens, Development Director, at

Business Partners For Stewardship

Team Building

Looking for a way to bring your business or group together while also getting outside, exploring new places, and helping protect our beautiful Whatcom County? Whatcom Land Trust invites you to join us on one of our many properties to help with stewardship tasks such as invasive removal and native species planting. Work parties provide excellent team building opportunities for any group or business by encouraging hard work with the common goal of improving the Whatcom County we know and love. Join us today!

What to Expect

  • Group work parties are usually 3 hours of fun, satisfaction, and hard work but can be longer if you like.
  • There is a job and tool for everyone. All abilities and interests welcome!
  • Work parties allow you to visit Land Trust properties you may otherwise not see and explore Whatcom County’s special places.

Help us Plan for your Group

  • How many people are you expecting to bring? This helps us determine which properties would be best for your group.
  • What type of stewardship activities are you interested in? These vary from weed removal, brush clearing, native species planting, etc.
  • Is there another business or group you would like to partner with?
  • What date(s) would you like to schedule a work party?

What you can Provide

  • Enthusiastic staff or group members ready to get a little dirty and have a lot of fun
  • Wear/bring appropriate work attire and footwear including layers according to the weather.
  • Potential sponsorship opportunities include providing snacks or lunches to make your group especially happy, t-shirts to commemorate all of the fun you had, and any other way you can think of to make the day even better!


If you would like to join our business partners for stewardship and participate in a work party, please contact Whatcom Land Trust’s Stewardship Director, Jenn Mackey at: or (360) 650-9470

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