Celebrating Pride Month!

Celebrating Pride Month!

Learn about some amazing organizations doing work at the intersection of sustainability and LGBTQ+ issues below:

Out There Adventures

Out There Adventures is a nonprofit organization that works to foster positive identity development and empowerment for young LGBTQ+ people through experiential outdoor learning activities. They believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to explore their identity in a positive and affirming environment. Learn more at their website here.

Queer Nature

Queer Nature is an educational project which works in the Northwest United States and Intermountain West to decolonize people’s relationships with nature, and nurture place-based skills The organization facilitates nature based workshops and experiences built to be financially, emotionally, and physically accessible to LGBTQ+ people. Learn more at their website here.

Out For Sustainability

This organization is the leading LGBTQ+ nonprofit whose work is dedicated to the social and physical environment. OUT4S works to make a difference by bridging the gap between queer identity and sustainability and conservation. It regularly hosts events and speaks at conferences as a voice of LGBTQ+ sustainability values. Learn more at their website here.

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