Edfro Creek

Located just off of Highway Nine in the South Fork Nooksack Valley is the Edfro Creek property. Just after the confluence of Skookum Creek, the property runs along the South Fork of the Nooksack River for about one mile, and hosts a trail that winds along the river. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the property is that Edfro Creek is home to a large wetland complex. This wetland is a critical rearing habitat for Coho salmon, which have been listed as an endangered species. Whatcom Land Trust purchased Edfro Creek in October of 2003, with funds from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. The key conservation and restoration goals for the property are focused towards maintaining and conserving salmon and bull trout habitat. To improve habitat for salmon, the Lummi Nation recently installed engineered log jams along a portion of this reach in the South Fork Nooksack River. The Land Trust has also closely collaborated with the Whatcom County chapter of the Back Country Horsemen to maintain and improve the trail on the property, increasing its accessibility for both those on foot as well as horses. This work has made Edfro Creek an ideal place to get out and explore one of Whatcom County’s special places!

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