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Our Resilient Nature, Our Resilient Community

The COVID-19 virus is taking its toll on the health and well-being of our community, country and world. We are deeply concerned, and are working to support our local service agencies, and reflect on what we as a conservation organization can offer our community that gives back hope and certainty and grows resilience.

  • Now more than ever people need to feel grounded and safe.
  • Now more than ever people need to feel connected, even when we can’t be together.
  • Now more than ever people need to experience the land and witness nature’s capacity to heal and thrive.
  • Now more than ever people need to feel part of something bigger that will outlive our lifetimes and benefit future generations.

Now more than ever the mission and work of Whatcom Land Trust matters and strengthens the resilience of our community:

Food Security – partnering with dozens of local farmers and, to date, 1,700 acres of working lands to permanently protect the future of our farmland, our farmers and our local farm economy.

Public Access and Recreation – When the next virus disrupts civic life and challenges our resilience, the parks and wild places that today provide comfort, refuge and healing will still be there to keep us connected with each other and with the natural world.

Climate Resilience – landscape scale land protections protect watersheds, improve biodiversity, sequester carbon, and buffer against warming conditions, wildfire, floods and sea level rise.

Health & Safety – protecting the drinking water source in the Lake Whatcom Watershed for 100,000 residents, and safeguarding watershed protections for other Whatcom County communities.

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