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The Edfro Creek , south of the confluence of the South Fork and Skookum Creek. With a diverse mixture of mature riparian forest and wetlands, the Edfro Creek property is home to a multitude of local species and organisms. There is a mile-long trail located on the property that continues onto Department of Natural Resources property. The trail is managed through combined efforts by the Backcountry Horseman and Whatcom Land Trust volunteers and used to be known as the Thousand Puddles Trail before improvements were made. As this property protects sensitive habitats please be mindful of your impact on the land and practice “leave no trace”!

Things to Know

  • As per Washington State’s Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations, there is no fishing allowed in the South Fork Nooksack River along this property as it is home to sensitive salmon habitat.
  • There are no motorized vehicles allowed on this property.
  • Dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on leash and always clean up after your pet.

Ownership and Management

Edfro Creek is owned and managed by Whatcom Land Trust. While there is a trail on this property, it is not managed as a public park and the trail is maintained on a volunteer basis.


There is a mile-long trail maintained by volunteers on the Edfro Creek property which is open for non-motorized day use. Winding along the South Fork Nooksack, it’s a great place to walk beside the river!


Parking is available along the gravel pullout at the end of Saxon Road, directly across from the entrance to Lummi’s Skookum Fish Hatchery. Please do not park along the bridge or at the fish hatchery.

Restoration Efforts

Once called the Thousand Puddles Trail, significant improvements have been made to the trail along the South Fork Nooksack with the help of the Backcountry Horseman, the Washington Conservation Corps, and Whatcom Land Trust volunteers. Lummi Nation has also planted along this reach of the South Fork Nooksack as well as install engineered log jams along the river to improve salmon habitat and water quality and quantity of the South Fork.

Why We love this land

Edfro Creek allows for extremely timely and beneficial protection of habitat for crucial local species such as salmon, elk, bull trout, and eagles. The conservation of this beautiful property allows for a healthier local ecosystem and creates benefits to the South Fork Nooksack Watershed which go far beyond its bounds! It’s also one of the few Whatcom Land Trust owned properties that has a gravel trail for public enjoyment!