Govenors Point

Governors Point is one of the last remaining undeveloped shorelines in Whatcom County – And now, thanks to landowner Randy Bishop and Whatcom Land Trust, 98 acres are conserved forever! Thank you to Spencer Astra, Moment Films and Bennett Campbell for this beautiful footage. Music by Bennett Campbell.

Ownership and Management

The coastal forests that reach down to touch the Salish Sea at Governors Point are a unique treasure. This special place provides nesting habitat for a vast array of birds, supports spawning fish that sustain salmon populations and harbors amazing intertidal life. For decades Whatcom Land Trust has sought for viable options to protect the bulk of Governors Point. In February of 2018, Randy Bishop purchased Governors Point for $5.7 million dollars, and the Land Trust finally found an owner not only willing but insistent and eager to conserve a substantial part of the property. After purchasing the property, Randy Bishop sought out the Land Trust. Rather than telling us what he might be willing to do, Bishop asked, “what does the Land Trust want on Governors Point.” The question started a conversation about a nature reserve with significant conservation and public access values.


Rather than the allowed 25 residences, Bishop will build 16 custom designed homes, one at a time. He describes his plans for “a limited number of architecturally rich, small footprint homes” clustered on the west side of the peninsula.


On September 13th, 2023 Randy Bishop and Whatcom Land Trust signed a legally binding agreement donating 98 acres, over 3/4 of the peninsula to Whatcom Land Trust for a public access nature reserve.


The nature reserve will include a trail which will allow for public access to the prime beach on the east and west side of Governors Point. The east and west beaches will be accessible by self-propelled watercraft such as kayaks, canoes and paddle boards. Governors Point is not currently open to the public, and updates will be provided as they are available.


The 125 acres on Governors Point has been privately owned and of special interest to the Whatcom community for nearly 50 years. Located just south of Bellingham, this area provides some 9,500 feet of marine shoreline on Chuckanut, Pleasant and Samish Bay. It is one of the last remaining coastal forest habitats on the Salish Sea, and a haven for bald eagles, river otters, and beautiful Pacific madrone trees. Governors Point has always been aligned, strategic and aspirational to the Whatcom Land Trust’s Mission to preserve and protect wildlife habitat, scenic, agricultural and open space land for future generations.


Public access to the nature reserve is not available at this time. We are working on it! To stay up-to-date on this project, sign up for our newsletter!

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