Point Whitehorn Marine reserve

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Located between Point Whitehorn and Cherry Point, the 54.1 acres making up the Point Whitehorn property is made up of vital saltwater shoreline and intact forested wetland. This property is a part of the southern portion of the Strait of Georgia and includes eelgrass beds that provide the largest spawning area for the local Cherry Point Herring population. Home to a wide array of local plants species such as Western Red Cedar, Salmonberry, Douglas fir, and false Lily- of the Valley, the property provided valuable habitat for a wide array of local species. The land is accessible to hikers and a 30 car gravel parking lot is located along the northern edge of the property, allowing for community access and enjoyment of the land.

Thins to Know

Pets are prohibited at this park. See park rules

In June Whatcom Land Trust along with our partners hosts What’s the Point event. A family friendly event with naturalists on the beach to talk about the aquatic creatures and the connection between land and water.

Ownership and Management

The Point Whitehorn property was granted to the Whatcom Land Trust by Whatcom County through a conservation easement. The park is managed by Whatcom County Parks and Recreation.


The Point Whitehorn property is located between Point Whitehorn and Cherry Point along the western shoreline of Whatcom County.


Parking lot available.

Restoration Efforts

The property has been managed for wildlife habitat for multiple species, and for low impact public access to the saltwater shoreline.

Why We love this land

The Point Whitehorn property is home to an extensive amount of saltwater shoreline and mature and intact forested wetland. The shoreline is vital to the local Cherry Point Herring population spawning and the property includes valuable nesting habitats for birds such as bald eagles.