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This forested habitat about two miles out of Bellingham city limits is home to 369 acres of protected land within the Lake Whatcom watershed. Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve and Olsen Estate is located near the southwest end of Lake Whatcom along Lookout Mountain. This protected space is highly valuable both ecologically and financially. 160 acres within the southwest corner of the property is zoned for commercial forestry, while the rest of the 209 acres is zoned for rural forestry. Having been purchased by the Whatcom Land Trust in August of 2002, this land has been protected for 17 years. There have been 15 different timber types found throughout the property and it provides habitat for local animals and organisms within the lake ecosystem. Throughout the property, there are small wetlands and waterfalls filled by an unnamed tributary that eventually connects into Beaver Creek. Over the expanse of the preserve, the local watershed is impacted and influenced by the changing environment, making the protection of this land highly valuable to the overall health of the surrounding water.

Why we love this land

The protection efforts at the Olsen estate help to maintain a forest habitat for the species calling this space home, and the water quality of Lake Whatcom, the countries source of water, is more protected.

Ownership and Management

Lookout Mountain and Olsen Estate is managed by Whatcom County Parks and Recreation.

The property was donated to Whatcom Land Trust through Theresa Schrempp who gave the Whatcom Land Trust an Option Agreement, allowing them to purchase the land for $819,000. This property is a facilitation and conservation easement.


Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve and Olsen Estate is located about two miles southeast of Bellingham city limits and can be found in between the northeast corner of Samish Lake and the southwest side of Lake Whatcom.



Parking lot available.