Teddy Bear Cove

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Located off of Chuckanut Drive, Teddy Bear Cove is a public park owned and managed by Whatcom County. It includes a forested hillside, saltwater shoreline, and rich tide pools during low tide. This area is important habitat for various wildlife and plant species, and provides public shoreline access.

Things to Know

  • Camping and fires are prohibited.
  • There are no motorized vehicles allowed on this property.
  • There is no restroom or trash receptacle on this property.

Ownership and Management

Purchased by WLT in 1990, transferred to Whatcom County Parks in 1992 with a conservation easement to protect shoreline, natural beauty, ecological integrity and habitat areas while providing public water access. Owner is Whatcom County Parks and Recreation.

From County website

“A switchback trail through the forest leads to magnificent shoreline views of Chuckanut Bay and Clark’s Point. An unusual white sand beach is the result of centuries of crushed clam shells. Arrive at low tide to explore tidepool marine life, or wander paths on the bluff through a forest of Madrone and Garry Oak trees.” http://www.co.whatcom.wa.us/2184/Teddy-Bear-Cove


Located off Chuckanut Drive. A Discover Pass is NOT required.
From County website: “From the North Chuckanut Mountain Trailhead, hike 0.2 miles up Hemlock Trail to the Interurban Trail, then head south for about 0.5 miles to a spur across Chuckanut Drive to the Teddy Bear Cove Trail. It is 0.2 more miles down to the beach.”
There is an established trail beginning off Chuckanut Dr. which zig-zags through the forest to the water. The trail is maintained by County Parks.


There is a pull-out loop adjacent to the property off Chuckanut Dr. with space for several cars.

Restoration Efforts

Opportunities to purchase/protect shoreline habitat and provide public water access in Whatcom County are few and far between.
1,430 feet of saltwater shoreline, tidepools, scenic views of Chuckanut Bay, two swimming beaches and a mature coastal forest dominated by Douglas fir and big leaf maple. There are several old growth trees on the forested slope portion and Gerry oaks on the headland between the two beaches.

Why We love this land

Teddy Bear is a popular spot to see bioluminescence in late summer. It is particularly popular as there are so few places for public water access in Bellingham.

Conservation Values

Easement purpose: The intent of the Conservation Easement is to provide public access to the saltwater shoreline, to preserve the natural beauty, ecological integrity, and habitat of the Teddy Bear Cover property.