Working to Preserve special places for future generations

Whatcom County has an abundant tapestry of lakes, rivers, farms and forests—all of which are vital to our way of life and sense of place. Whatcom Land Trust is committed to both protecting these special places and ensuring that their abundant diversity of life flourishes. Together with our many community partners we continue to build relationships to protect these rich and vibrant lands for a healthy, thriving Whatcom County for generations to come.

Current Projects & News

2024 Conservation Plan

We work with community members and partners to update our Land Conservation Plan, ensuring that our approach to conservation is reflective of the pressures we face today and into the future.

Upcoming Events

Work Party: Earth Day at Ladies of the Lake

It is the day that we celebrate our lovely Mother Earth a little bit extra! Make our wonderful Earth proud by coming to this work party and helping to restore this beautiful ecosystem next to Lake Whatcom.

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Field Friday: Butterfly Bush & Blackberry Removal at Saxon Riparian

We have planted over 400 trees out here in the last year and now it is time for invasive removal to ensure they survive. We will be focusing on blackberry and butterfly bush removal.

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Saxon Riparian,

Work Party: Vinca & Blackberry Removal at Bell Creek

It is now May and we are at the last work party of the season! As a final hurrah, we will be working at the Land Trust’s Bell Creek property; improving riparian habitat by removing both Vinca and Blackberry. Bell Creek empties into the North Fork of the Nooksack and is a vital habitat for many native species.

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Bell Creek,