Landowner Resources
Landowner Resources
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Landowner Resources

Whatcom Land Trust works with willing landowners who want to conserve their property’s special conservation features and preserve Whatcom County’s diverse natural heritage including wildlife habitat, wetlands and streams, shorelines, parks, and working farms and forests. Find out more about what landowner resources you can use to protect and conserve your land.

Land owner resources: North Fork at Bald Mountain
North Fork at Bald Mountain

The landscape of Whatcom County is wondrous, abundant and varied. Our natural heritage is steeped in rugged peaks, alpine meadows, dark forests, cold streams, open vistas, rich productive soils, and dynamic shorelines. The mission of the Whatcom Land Trust is to protect these special places for future generations. We achieve our mission by preserving in perpetuity critical wildlife habitats, open spaces for scenic vistas and public recreation sites, productive working lands, and areas of natural beauty. Protection of these special places is accomplished through innovative conservation transactions and partnerships with individuals, corporations, government agencies, tribes and other non-governmental conservation organizations by the acquisition and stewardship of conservation easements or fee simple ownership.

Whatcom Land Trust uses two main methods to secure interest in land:
Conservation Easements and Fee Simple Ownership

Find out about the many ways to protect your land.